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I’ve been thinking ’bout us lately
Wondering what I should do
I just know that you are faking
And our kisses don’t seem true

I said, hey I’ve been waiting for so long

I am the one who made you cry
The one who could, take it all away
I am the one who made you lie
But I never made you stay
I’ve been thinking ‘bout us lately
Wondering where it all went wrong
I just know that you’re aching
Since she came along


Carry the night, suit and a tie
Take out my soul, crashing’s my role
You better watch the signs
Or you will dance with a dead guy
Dialation’s a must
Dancing dose you trust

I got, I got it inside my head now, all inside my brain
I got, I got it inside my head now, all inside

Throw in some line
It will make me shine
My dusty steps
Going to my head

I got a thrill for the heat, penetration of the beat
It is making me feel grooves, that are taking the lead


If there’s a reason for all your cheating
It would be more than relieving
No need to explain
Let’s check in for a night on the dump

Once more I choose for the aching
Am I addicted to your troublemaking?
I keep falling for your cold kiss

Before you pick me up from the ground
Send my heart to the lost and found

Although I’m feeling quiet wrong
It’s hard to fall asleep when you’re gone

I’d order everything you needed
Even when you wouldn’t keep it
Falling, keep falling for your cold kiss

Here’s a price for all your faking
All those lies I’ve been taking
But still I keep falling, falling for your troublemaking


The body and the needs
The world at your feet
What’s your deal?

Get wild
You’re uptight
Don’t hide

For every situation
You need an explanation
I’ll set you free

Sweat landing on the walls
So dirty so wrong
Got to, got to make you mine
You’re my style

I whisper in your ear
Just like in a movie scene
That I wanna make it ruff, I like to scream

Make it hot, make it hot
Make it hot, make it hot
Make it hard make it hard


Hold my hand we’ve lost control
Human race digs it’s own hole
Our eyes are leaking is this pain
Nothing here
we can call sane

The shit goes down from where we come, where we belong

Stop this game, it is all in our head
Stop this game, cause it hurts and harms again

Goodbye precious world we’re leaving
Along the way we’ve stopped believing
Return everything
we’ve lost in time
All the precious things we’ve left behind


Are you lonely inside your head?
Are you afraid of your empty bed?
Do you have the picture book without the colors?
Are you in pain cause some don’t bother?

Are you alone,
I’ll take you home
Hey, this is where you belong
Make it our playground
The night is still long
This is our time

Are you stuck inside your head?
Do you have issues or an ego that’s got to be fed?
I see your hurt in all of this,
No explanation, maybe a part you’ve missed


Welcome hardcore believer
This is what’s driven you high
For some kinda reason
You made up stories she buys
All details she is receiving
Match up and blend in life
Somehow you made her believe it
But you’ll end up paying the price

He creates his own paradise based on a lie
Are you happy now?
All your heartaches covered with gold
Are you happy now?

For now life treats you well
You don’t carry the burden of a man
While others go through hell
You wake up every morning proud of yourself
Her feelings are fucked up because of your shit
She may be scarred and will never heal
Someday she’ll be sick of it
Get used to the pain you will feel

Once you fall so deep, there is no way back
Are you happy now?
Once you fall so deep, no way back on track
Are you happy now?

He tries, he falls, he fails, based on a lie


Sitting here in my little black room, waiting to turn white
Ain’ t coming from a happy home, nothing ever seems bright
Nothing ever goes up, everything tumbles down
Running ’round in circles, falling with my face back on the ground

Always when things seem to come along
There’s something else that puts me back down
A slap in my face, a twist in my mind
Man this is gonna make me cross the line
Nothing ever goes up, everything tumbles down
Running ’round in circles, falling with my face back on the ground

If I could turn it around I would do it to easy my mind
I need a cure for these crying eyes

My eyes are rolling – in the back of my head
A vision of tomorrow, a breeze of fresh air
Is it getting brighter – in my little black room?
My hope is rising, get out my way, I got things to do


We’re just sitting here, my silence is your only fear
‘cause every word I say detonates your feelings towards me
Believe me if I say my soul is gonna be rearranged
With the pieces, pieces, that are hidden somewhere

I wish you fame and fortune, but cut me loose from your golden chain

Most words ain’t passing thru
When I whisper sweet things to you
Loud and clear, good and bad
Don’t matter for your ears cause you want me to disappear

I wish you fame and fortune, good luck to you but cut me loose,
From your golden chain

You lay your hart in my hand
To protect you from evil men
Now you and me we are no more
I’m gonna rearrange my soul


Yeah I wonder, why this world has been so mean
Can’t find no home, no shelter, living like a refugee
And when the rain starts falling down, the nightlife begins
Finding rest on a piece of paper, sleeping time sets in

And I’m trying to find a different way
To back of from my misery
Now I am playing sweet songs on this stage
To pay my debts and run away

Hey world can’t you see, peaches growing on your apple tree
Hey world could it be, that there’s water flowing out your color tv
Nothing here that can or will make believe
That things will change and our problems fly out of here
Now I’ll rest on a piece of paper, sleeping time sets in


Please let me explain, why my bags are packed
Have a seat girl, I know how you’ll react
I’m a jerk sometimes, but you make it an art
The game is over, you played your last card

You don’t like to talk, you just like to shout
You don’t like the coat,
that your mother bought
You don’t like the shoes I wear when we go out
But these shoes, baby – they will kick you out

I asked her if she liked my song, and this is what she said
I do like it babe, but is it gonna pay for my…
Baby I don’t mind, ’cause your songs honey,
they’re the evil kind

At first it was nice, oh yeah it was nice
But somewhere along the way you started planting stopsigns
I can’t stop being a man, that’s too high a price
So now I listen, to my own advice

You got stopsigns – you hold back all the time
You got stopsigns – all over your mind
So I say woman, I’m tired of your fake smile
I’m gonna go solo and party for a while

Here I go

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