Ways to handle taking care, when you have an allergic reaction to sanitary pads

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One symptom that causes pain to girls During menstruation, it is Allergy to sanitary pads This is consider a symptom that most women like us cannot avoid at all. For allergic reactions to sanitary pads, it is important to wait and see whether the sanitary pads being use will cause an allergic reaction or not. As for allergic reactions to sanitary pads, they may cause a burning sensation, itching, and bumps, as well as redness on the genitals. So who is facing such a problem? Let’s see how to treat this symptom.

Sanitary napkin allergy rash is a characteristic of Contact Dermatitis  is often cause by skin contact with allergens and irritants, which in this case are various components of sanitary napkins, whether they are absorbent sheets or waterproof sheets. Perfumes to adhesive strips Causes skin irritation, rashes, itching, swelling, redness, UFABET, burning, or discomfort. 

In addition, wearing tight pants or underwear. Including wearing sanitary pads for a long time may also cause the hidden area to become damp. And when the skin rubs against the sanitary pad while moving, it may cause a rash, itching, and inflammation as well. 

Patients who have an allergic reaction to sanitary pads can initially take care of themselves by adjusting their behavior during menstruation. Being  more careful or careful in choosing and using sanitary pads. Or you may consult with a pharmacist about problems that arise, such as: 

  • Try changing brands of sanitary napkins. To find sanitary pads that do not cause irritation and allergic reactions while wearing them. You may choose sanitary napkins that are label as fragrance-free or suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Sanitary pads should be chang every 4 hours during the day. And you should not wear pants and underwear that are too thick or too tight. To allow more air to circulate Prevents friction and dampness in hidden areas. 
  • Clean your intimate area every day with warm water or a mild, fragrance-free soap. You should avoid all types of intimate cleaning products that may contain perfumes and irritants. After cleaning, you should dry it gently. 
  • Avoid scratching the itchy area as  this may make the condition worse. 
  • Sit in warm water for 5–10 minutes to relieve itching and irritation. But be careful not to use water with a temperature that is too high. You should also dry your hidden areas after soaking in warm water.