Joan Laporta confirms Kessie and Christensen will debut.

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Barcelona president Joan Laporta has confirmed that. Franck Kessie and Andreas Christensen are close to launching next week. And has also pointed to the case of Leeds United winger Rafinha.

Kessie and Christensen are constantly linked with Barcelona. After the two contracts with the agency. European media believe the pair agreed to join Azul Grana and waited for the official launch.

Most recently, on Saturday Laporta confirmed that both Kessie. And Christensen had their debuts at the club between Wednesday and Thursday.

“We will be opening Kessie on Wednesday and Christensen on Thursday.”

In Fabricio Romano’s report, both players had undergone medical examinations and signed contracts earlier.

In addition, La Porta also discussed the case of the club’s news linking Rafinha. The Brazilian national team winger. The chairman of the team from Catalan confirmed that. There was a real discussion with Leeds and admitted that there was a very high competition.

“Rafinha wants to move to Barca. We have contacted and spoken to Leeds.” Joan Laporta UFABET said.

“What is going on right now is that there are other teams. They also want Rafinha and they are managing their own offers at the moment.”

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