‘Berb’ advises ‘Anthony’ to stop showing tricks

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Dimitar Berbatov suggests Anthony should stop showing off his tricks and take it easy to regain his confidence. After a disappointing performance for Manchester United, the

Samba star had a poor season and was still unable to score a goal after playing 11 games in all competitions.

Anthony was substituted. After being on the field for only an hour in the game that defeated Fulham, the fans were still cheering when he was substituted. ทางเข้า ufabet

He has yet to show why the Red Devils should spend £82m on his signing and Berbatov has advised him to improve his form to repay Eric Ten’s trust. ” Erik Ten Hag likes Anthony. Everyone knows because they worked together at Ajax. It’s clear that he likes Anthony a lot because every coach is like this with him.” Ten Hag has confidence in Anthony,” Berbatov said.

“Anthony must know that every time he goes on the field He has to show that it’s right that Ten Hag trusts him. He has to work hard to show ‘Yes Boss, Boss believes in me. I don’t want to let the boss or the team down.’”

“However, now is not a good time for Anthony, so my advice is to keep it simple. Don’t make things complicated. When you think you are Ronaldinho or Zinedine Zidane, when you are not playing well. Berbatov also

thinks Anthony should cut back on his tricks and use his speed to cut through defenders.

“Don’t try to do stupid things like show off tricks that don’t benefit the team. You’re quicker, use your speed to get through defence, get the ball and start getting assists or goals.

” It’s as simple as that. You must have discipline and concentration. It’s not too difficult. But I wouldn’t be surprised if Anthony doesn’t play in the next match. Because everyone saw that in the game against Fulham he was not in the best form. “

So let’s wait and see what decision Ten Hag makes. Anthony has talent but don’t do anything complicated. Once you regain your confidence, you can do more complicated things and show off your tricks.”