‘Dominik’ reveals JK’s first words to encourage him to move to the Swans

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Dominik Szoboszlai, the girls’ favorite midfielder of Liverpool Revealing the words of Normal One manager Jurgen Klopp when he first arrived with the club.

Captain of the Hungarian national team Moved from RB Leipzig for £60 million last summer. And has played 16 games in all competitions.

Soboszlai said of meeting the German coach on the first day, “He’s quite a unique person.” “

We’ve talked a bit after the game when Salz Burg and Leipzig meet Liverpool. But we didn’t talk closely.”

“Right now, it’s quite strange because it feels like we already know each other. So it was a good conversation. ‘

On the first day, he called me into his office and said, ‘Okay, we know what kind of player you are. We know what you can do. You don’t have to show it off from day one. Because we know that you just need to develop to fit in with the team well.”

“Don’t think too much. Do what you do And it will come. But you have to work hard because if you want to play. You have to work hard. “

I listened to him. I felt from the outside world it was like, OK, this young Hungarian comes to the Premier League. He will not be on the field. It’s too big a step. But those things push me even more. In my mind, I thought, “No, I’ll show you.”

“And since day one, I want to play every game. I want to play the full 90 minutes, score goals, make assists, win championships, do everything for the club. Since the first day I came here I tried to do that.”