Eric Ten Hag complains about the cruel red card

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Manchester United manager Eric Ten Hag praised his team for playing very well. But Marcus Rashford’s brutal red card was the turning point. Including the referee giving a goal even though Copenhagen was offside and also giving another penalty until finally losing 4-3. The

“Red Devils” started brightly with Rasmus Hojlund scoring a big goal. Leading by two scores But then the turning point came in the 40th minute when Rashford was shown a red card by Donatus Rumsaus. Charged with a dangerous approach to Elias Gelaert, โปรโมชั่น ufabet

Eric ten Hag’s team were unable to resist. Was equalized before the end of the first half And even the second half Will take the lead again thanks to Bruno Fernandes’ penalty, but in the end, Copenhagen overtakes and wins.

“We played very well. So I felt extremely disappointed. with the result,” Ten Hag said in a post-game interview at Parken Stadium.

“We started great, had the best 10 minutes of the season and are on our way to winning. Until the red card changed everything ′

′ It was a brutal red card. Rashford wanted to play football. The judge took a very long time to consider. So he was not sure. And when you stop the still image The clash always looks worse. “

Football is a game of mistakes. We didn’t do everything right. But there are things we can do. Because even though there are 10 people left, we still control the game.”

The results of the competition made United stop at 3 points from 4 matches, sinking to the bottom of the group but still just 1 point away from the qualifying zone. At the end of this month, they are preparing to play an important game away at Galatasaray. “

One We lost 2 goals before half time. which should not be counted as a goal The first goal is offside. Because there was a rival player standing in the way of Onana,” said the Dutch head coach. Further criticism of the decision

“As for the second goal, which was a penalty, It looked like a handball from Maguire, but it was very close. And his arm is in its natural position ′′

′′ Over the last 4 games, we lost 4 penalties and there were 3 times that caused doubt. Football games cannot be like this. And we have to make that clear. That is not what happened. “

I am very disappointed in these decisions. I understand that referees at this level can sometimes make mistakes. But encountering something like that 3 times was hard to accept.”

“Anyway, the team members are all fighters. This season we have faced many unfavorable decisions. But we still maintain spirit. We will move on And someday it will have to come our way.”