Pochettino amazed by Palmer stamina as a Latin player.

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Chelsea head coach Mauricio Pochettino admits he exceeded expectations for Cole Palmer, who he acquired in the summer. Because the style of playing football looks like that of a Latin American player. More than local kids from Manchester.

The 21-year-old joined from Manchester City for a price of £40 million. Plus an option of another £2.5 million based on his performance and achievements. This opportunity is a worthwhile deal for all parties when Palmer has scored 12 goals in all competitions.  

The upcoming game at the Etihad Stadium will affect him in many ways as he joined City since the under-8s team ทางเข้า UFABET 

So ‘Poch’ plays a psychological game to encourage his favorite children to think that you are Latino. Not Mancunian So arrange it hard, don’t have to save your legs. 

He said during a press conference before meeting Man. City (17 Feb.)

“I don’t want to say anything wrong, but one of our staff informed me. That Cole is originally from Manchester. But from what I can see it looks like he’s from Brazil or Argentina.”

“He still has the ability to adapt quickly. Sometimes I sit and think about one of the strengths of someone from South America like me who comes to play in Europe. To survive, you must adapt very quickly.” 

“I saw many people as well come to play football in England. Some go up north, some go south, there are people all over the place complaining that it is difficult to adjust because the weather, language and everything are different.” 

“But in the case of Palmer, when he joined the club, we adapted to the team’s style. That allows life to continue quickly.”

“At Cobham training center, in London and within the club he is allowed to showcase his talent.”

“Palmer has to play smart and manage his emotions well. Hom that will visit the old place. And whether it is activated or not is for tactical reasons It’s not because of fear of pressure from children.”  

The 6- foot -2- inch player played 41 games for City’s senior team, scoring 6 goals , twice as many goals as he played for Chelsea in 28 games .