Harry Redknapp: The new Premier League champions

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Harry Redknapp: The new Premier League champions will remain in Manchester. But… change color!

• The new Premier League 2023/24 season will arrive overnight
• One of the most interesting views. Comes from former Spurs boss Harry Redknapp
• That the Championship Trophy will still be in Manchester, but “change the color” from blue to red.

Just overnight, the new Premier League season 2023/24 will officially begin. New Season Champion will remain in Manchester as before Just change from the blue corner of City to the red corner of United sometime! Report from สมัคร ufabet

Pep Guardiola always loves a challenge. And there are probably few who have been better than him over the years.

But you know what? A fourth successive Premier League title with Manchester City this season may well be his greatest achievement ever.

It might seem odd to talk about a team that recently won the treble when it’s clear City are still favorites.

But when you have everything in life Sometimes the question arises that ‘What else can we do?’

Pep has a tough job on their hands to make their team hungry and ready to fight once again. But it is also clear that Actually, the championship is in the hands of Arsenal , but they let it slip away.

Mikel Arteta has dealt very well with new signings in the summer. Like other teams, while Pep lost 1-2 important people.

Ilkay Gundogan to Barcelona, ​​Riyad Mahrez to Saudi Arabia And there are also doubts about Kyle Walker, who is a very good right-back.

City Meng Mei Jian stayed close last season. But it was accomplished when it was time to do it.

There is no doubt that This new season will be another fierce championship challenge. And I can see it clearly from here.

Of course, Arsenal had to punch themselves in the head so hard that they failed to do last year when they had very good chances and many betting companies. You’ve already put them as favorites too, so Arsenal are determined to take that to the next level and Kai Havertz, Jurian Timber and especially Declan. Rice was a great buy. which will make them even stronger.

But while it wouldn’t be a big surprise if we finally saw Arsenal as champions, if I were to pick the new Premier League champions now I think it will stay in Manchester…but not with the team everyone thinks.