5 things you should know stop eating “oily food”

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5 things you should know before you stop eating “oily food

Everyone probably knows that if you want to be healthy and want to lose weight. Slim and slender body can wear clothing size M, size S, must refrain (or reduce) eating oily food. But before seriously concentrating on eating oily food. Let’s take a look at the good advice from UFABET.

Things to know before you stop eating oily food

(Don’t answer that let’s eat ours or avoid eating taro.)

Because there is a young editor that one father opens up the issue That’s a good way to stop eating oily food.

Therefore, let’s take the knowledge that is used to introduce the patient roughly.

1. Find the reason why we want to reduce and want to quit.

It’s for health. This is already known. But what is our reduction goal for health?

– shape

– weight

– Fear of diseases that come with obesity

– There’s something wrong with your blood.

must know first because Each cause has a different reduction. And sometimes its reduction may not solve them.

– Like some people, reduce it to lose weight … without eating a lot and not checking why the weight is gaining

– Some people want to adjust their body shape. But the part that needs to be adjusted is not related to it (for example, if you want to have muscular arms, you’ll lose it … but don’t do magic. Will it be low?)

– Some people want to lose fat to lose weight. Even nowadays, it is found that if reducing fat but not reducing sugar In the long run, it’s ineffective.

2. Principles of modern medicine did not give a starvation of it

– is that fat is essential to the body Too much is not good Too little is not good

– At present (actually since 1980), modern medicine focuses on eating a balanced diet, not focusing on the benefits or harms of any particular nutrient.

3. Do you know how much of it we eat?

some people want to reduce it But I don’t know how much I ate it.

When I didn’t know how much we ate in the first place It makes time to reduce and difficult to evaluate. make it impossible to target

4. Reduce it, but careful of reducing too much.

– the principle of refraining from it Must not abstain until it is lacking. Because fat is something that the body needs to use.

– if reducing fat and limiting energy The body will adjust the system to a starvation mode. the muscles are gone In the long run, it’s easier to get fat again.

5. The fat that you really should stop is trans fat.

Other fats such as pork fat, animal fat, palm oil, and other vegetable oils Can eat but must control the right amount

It’s been properly reduced. Don’t forget to exercise regularly. get enough rest and calm the mind I’m not stressed too. This is a healthy body, both physically and mentally, with a beautiful slim figure. Or will it be thick and muscular? It’s yours anyway