5 tips health to speed up fat burning You can do it quickly.

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5 tips health to speed up fat burning You can do it quickly.

Everyone knows better than exercise. and food control It is the way to sustainable weight loss. But to be slim sustainably. It takes many months and years as well at UFABET. Has a secret to help speed up the metabolism for you.

1. Eat and exercise to suit yourself, especially

Ever intended to lose weight with a best friend Exercising is the same Eat and eat the same But why is my friend getting thinner? So we don’t reduce at all? That’s because you’re exercising. and eating food that is not suitable for oneself If you want to know how much you need to eat to not exceed the limit, you need to calculate your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), or the amount of energy you need each day.

2. Choose exercises that are suitable for yourself.

Anyone who has a lot of body weight May have leg or knee problems. When you come to run on the treadmill, your legs will hurt. Anyone who weighs a lot or around 80 kg or more Try choosing a swimming exercise. or cycling lightly Light resistance, but for a long time

For those who have almost never exercised, will suddenly come to exercise hard from the first day. The body may not be ready for this sudden exercise. The next day, body aches. Until I can’t go to exercise anymore. That one was too heavy.

Therefore, you should exercise according to your own strength. resist as much as you can Know your own limits on how much you can do. and relying on consistency in exercising more often instead

3. Don’t try to burn fat alone.

People who want to be thin often choose exercise that we call “cardio” because it burns energy very well. Therefore, it is the way to get thin fast, thin quickly. But in fact Weight training is also important. Because if the muscles are not strong We will not be able to fully cardio as well. So should exercise both cardio. and weight training in parallel If you have an hour of exercise per day, you can do 40 minutes of running and 20 minutes of dumbbell lifting.

4. Simple exercise poses But burn strong!

Instead of exercising with simple poses Uncle aunt style in front of the department store As teenagers, we try to change the aerobic exercise position at the advanced level. But it’s easy and very effective, like the squat jump, burns more calories than other exercises. Or those exercises that we have to sit up, such as doing push-ups and springing up to stand up. Then go down to push ups again. It will help burn more energy than lying dormant.

5. Say No and a quick diet

Controlling the amount of food is very necessary. to lose weight. But when eating only 1 boiled egg and going to exercise hard There is hope for a bad wind. Therefore, we strongly prohibit eating only sniffing cats then carry a backpack to exercise Because you won’t have enough energy to burn. and strengthening the muscles to strengthen the body There will only be more fainting in the gym health, so use the formula from number 1 and choose to eat enough food to meet our needs each day. In addition, let it be the duty of the body to burn energy from our own regular exercise is better.