JK update without Virgil van Dijk, visiting Toulouse just sick

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Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp confirms Virgil van Dijk and Ryan Gravenberg’s fitness problems are not a concern. Both should be fit in time for the Brentford meeting. This weekend After not being named in the team visiting Toulouse in the Europa League on Thursday, the

“Reds” won all 3 matches in the Europa League, guaranteeing they will definitely advance to the next round. And that was the part that Klopp decided to rest Van Dijk, Gravenberg and Curtis Jones from the trip to France. Klopp updated the team’s readiness, revealing that Van

Dijk Have a slight illness Although still able to practice on Wednesday morning,

Gravenberg and Jones were not named because of minor fitness problems.

“Virgil is a little sick. It’s not a big deal, for me it’s not a problem, but we chose not to include his name on the trip,” Klopp said. ยููฟ่าเบท https://ufabet999.com/

“Like everyone else. They have a little problem. But for me it’s not a problem. That is why we are keeping him at home. And it shouldn’t be anything for the weekend game.”

“Ryan has a slight knee problem. It’s not a matter of giving anything. Today he is back running. But will not play this game ′

′ We hope to have the opportunity to play in the game against Brentford. And they will definitely be back after the international break.”